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How The Dynamic Neural Retraining System Works

The Dynamic Neural Retraining System DVDs (or their online version) is a revolutionary, drug-free, neuroplasticity-based program developed by Annie Hopper. Neuroplasticity is defined as the brain’s ability to create and modify neural pathways in response to new experiences and change. Chronic illness, stress and disease can unconsciously cause the pathways in one’s brain to rewire and get stuck in a perpetual trauma loop. The neuroplasticity-based practices taught in DNRS will guide you in consciously interrupting the trauma cycle associated with limbic system impairment.

DNRS combines aspects of many different therapies such as:

-Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT)
-Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP)
-Mindfulness based approaches
-Behavior Modification Therapy
-Incremental Therapy

The Dynamic Neural Retraining System is unique in that it integrates many features of the above therapies. It is through this integrative healing approach that the brain (more specifically, the limbic system) has the capacity to be rewired for lasting, permanent, positive change. The limbic system is characterized as the emotional and behavioral region of the brain, especially as it relates to our survival.

The limbic system is comprised of the:

–  Amygdala which is responsible for activating our fight midbrainor flight response.

–  Hippocampus which forms new memories from prior experiences.
–  Thalamus/Hypothalamus link the nervous system to hormone release, and regulates heart rate, blood pressure, body temperature, sleep-wake cycle, food/water intake regulation.

–  Cingulate Gyrus is involved in linking our senses with memories and emotions, including our emotional reaction to pain.

How can the limbic system become impaired?

-Physical, emotional, psychological trauma
-Prolonged exposure to chemicals or mold
-Chronic stress
-Infections (viral, bacterial, fungal)
-Medication reactions

What is special about the Dynamic Neural Retraining System DVDs (and online version) is that it treats the actual root cause of many chronic symptoms through rebuilding healthy neural pathways in the limbic system that support proper physiological function. In my case, infection, inflammation and uncontrolled chronic pain were the triggers that altered the normal function of my limbic system, creating additional dysfunctions over time. In my experience, many traditional treatments merely mask symptoms or inadvertently cause new maladaptive neural pathways to form (for example, through chemical exposure by harmful medication side effects). DNRS taught me how to regain control of my miswired limbic system through reframing stress-inducing patterns. Doing so prevents activation of the fight-flight-freeze response and its domino effect of hormonal and immune system dysregulation throughout the body. By learning how to encourage the parasympathetic nervous system response (responsible for our rest and digest state), cellular function and repair is enhanced, along with normalization of nervous system, immune system and endocrine system function. By using the variety of DNRS techniques that encourage neuroplastic change, new neural pathways in the brain are formed, click for video. With awareness and repetition, this process becomes automatic/unconscious, leading to healing and recovery.


DNRS Can Liberate You From:

Adrenal Fatigue
Allergies (pollen, food, perfume, chemical, environmental)
Centralized Sensitivity Syndrome
Chronic Fatigue Syndrome
Chronic Pain
Cognitive Function – memory or brain fog
Electric Hypersensitivity Syndrome
Food Sensitivities
Gulf War Syndrome
Heavy Metal Toxicity
Irritable Bowel Syndrome
Leaky Gut Syndrome
Lyme Disease
Mold Toxicity
Multiple Chemical Sensitivity
Obsessive Compulsive Disorder
Panic Attacks
Parkinson’s Disease
Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder
Postural Orthostatic Tachycardia Syndrome
Skin Conditions – eczema, rash, hives
Body temperature regulation issues (hot or cold)
Bacterial overgrowth
Constipation / Diarrhea
Eating disorders
Heart Palpitations
Lack of sex drive
Latent infections
Mast Cell Activation
Poor circulation
Sensitivity to smell, taste. light, sound, touch
Thyroid Disorders

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The Dynamic Neural Retraining System is here to support you in your own personal recovery! There are a couple different ways you can become an active participant in your healing process:

The Instructional DVD series (7 DVD collection + CD) *Or Online Course

The DVD series and the online course are the same. Each allows you to begin the program as soon as you receive them in the mail! What is helpful about the series for many participants is the opportunity to experience the benefits of the program from their own home. Annie Hopper, founder of the DNRS program, provides you with a pertinent understanding of neuroplasticity and limbic system impairment, as well as the tools for recovery. You also have the option to order the written transcript. For me it was helpful to reinforce and remember the content if I read along while watching the DVDs, but it is also helpful for individuals who experience light and/or sound sensitivities to read the print version. I felt that this format helped me become more familiar with how the brain works and can adapt to change. This knowledge gave me a strong foundation and the promise of hope before attending the 5 Day Interactive Training Seminar.

5 Day Interactive Training Seminar

The live, in-person presentation was invaluable in my road to recovery. This format allows for more thorough explanations of the rewiring process as well as the opportunity to ask questions face to face. I also learned a great deal from the questions presented by other participants. For me, completely immersing myself in a safe, positive environment was most beneficial. I thoroughly enjoyed getting to know my fellow retrainers and supporting one another in our healing processes, some of whom I still stay in touch with today! The DNRS facilitators gave us many opportunities to practice using our retraining tools and gave us individual feedback to help us to go deeper and inspire growth. It was here that I really learned to embrace the importance of implementing the protocol daily in order to achieve a FULL recovery and solidify all the concepts presented in the DVDs.


This is where I attended the DNRS Interactive Training Seminar: Ojai, CA. What a magical experience those 5 days were, it felt like a fire was lit inside of me and I was determined to make my FULL recovery!

When you purchase the DVDs or attend the seminar you also gain free access to the very supportive Online Community Forum. What I loved about the forum was the ability to ask questions of past or present participants, as well as having the chance to celebrate each other’s successes in addition to my own. After completing the DVDs or a seminar, you will also have the opportunity to set up one-on-one phone sessions with a DNRS Coach to address specific questions you may have. This helps to ensure that you’re implementing the program in a way that is best suited for you. The coaches share such special insight because they themselves have made a full recovery using this very protocol. It need not matter what conditions your coach recovered from because each coach receives training in rehabilitating all forms of limbic system impairments and conditions.

Astoundingly, “over 90% of people who have implemented the program on a consistent basis report a substantial improvement in their quality of life within six months” (Dynamic Neural Retraining System, n.d.). I am whole-heartedly confident that you too can make a full recovery by employing this program and I wish you all the best! Are you ready to embark on your journey to everlasting restored health and happiness?

If you’d like to learn more about the Dynamic Neural Retraining System, I encourage you to visit their website If you have additional inquiries about how DNRS might benefit you, a DNRS representative can be reached at 1-800-947-9389 or at

You have my warmest wishes!